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Hebrews 5 : 12 - 14

"In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's word all over again. You need milk not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil." 

For several years, our annual spiritual growth challenge has been to read through the entire Bible - cover to cover. The heart behind this challenge can be found in the above passage:  to become spiritually mature. God reveals His heart, will, and nature through His word. When we fail to read ALL of God's word, we miss out on opportunities to discover the character and personality of God. 

Choose this year to push the boundaries of your faith, striving towards spiritual maturity by joining us in reading the whole Bible in 2019!

How do I get started? 

On January 1st, full of excitement and enthusiasm, many people embark on their New Year's Resolutions and crack open their Bible to Genesis 1:1. They read as far as they had planned to and then place a bookmark and close their Bible. The next day they do the same. Eventually, the excitement fades and the bookmark is left somewhere in Leviticus. Or they choose to hop around, losing track of what they have and haven't read, eventually losing their paper in the junk drawer. 

This challenge can be tough to complete, but with the accountability of a reading plan or the guidance of other resources, it is not impossible. Click on each image to view an introductory video.

The following sections of this page introduce you to a variety of unique resources available to you and your children.

  • The Gospel Project (Pre-School) 

    Starting this year, our Pre-Kids class will begin a new curriculum. The Gospel Project series works through the entire Bible in three years. Each book, specific stories, and key themes are broken down and explained in age-appropriate terms. This curriculum includes take-home cards for you to review the content with your child. 

    Download to follow the class' pacing:  The_Gospel_Project_Reading_Plan.pdf

    View an overview of this curriculum:

    The Gospel Project's YouTube page:

  • What's in the bible (Elementary)

    Starting in January, our Elementary students will begin working through a new curriculum. What's In the Bible is a 52-week Kids Church Curriculum developed by Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales). This compelling series walks through the entire Bible, breaking down the books, key stories, and themes to explain what the Scriptures are all about.
    (View an interview with Vischer below)

    Download our unique reading plan created just for your students to complete alongside the What's in the Bible lessons: WITB_Reading_Challenge.pdf

    View an overview of this curriculum:

    What's In The Bible's YouTube Page:

  • The Bible Project (Teens & Adults)

    The Bible Project is an independent animation studio whose mission is "to show how the Bible is a united story that leads to Jesus." By viewing available video series on word studies, key themes, or explaining each book of the Bible, viewers are sure to grow in their understanding of God's Word. 

    Search "The Bible Project" on The Bible App to find reading plans with videos embedded into the day's devotional section (See demonstration video below).

    Download one year Bible reading plan: The_Bible_Project_Reading_Plan.pdf

    The Bible Project's website:

    The Bible Project's YouTube page:

  • Bible Gateway (All ages)

    This website allows users to search using key words or verse references. The Bible can be read or listened to in the translation of your choice. Study plans also available. See below to view Bible Gateway's app

  • Faith Comes by Hearing (all Ages)

    This resource was the first of its kind, creating compelling audio bibles coupled with music and sound effects, many character voices and narrators. See below to view Faith Comes By Hearing's "Bible.Is" app


Click the picture to learn more about each app and have the chance to download

  • SuperBook

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  • Bible App for Kids

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  • The bible App


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  • Bible.Is

    (Faith comes

    by Hearing)

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  • Bible Gateway

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This is more than just a challenge

"Why We Do What We Do," a sentence coupled with a black-and-white clip of a toddler walking was the mission statement of Phil Vischer's VeggieTales. In an interview published on his What's In The Bible YouTube channel, Visher explains the why behind this new curriculum. His reasons should be our reasons as we encourage our children by our words and deeds, to dive deeper into the Bible than they ever have before.