L I F E  G R O U P S

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Smaller groups focused on growing in faith and sharing life together is what LIFE  GROUPS are all about @ Lighthouse.  We offer Sunday Morning groups as well as quarterly Wednesday Night groups.  You can jump in at any time and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing God's presence together.

  • intercessory  prayer

    Lifting our voices and hearts to the Lord in prayer on behalf of our church.

    Youth Building Room 2 @ 7:45 am Sundays             Leader: Pastor Ritchey

  • New  to  Lighthouse

    Get to know our Pastor and the Mission/Vision of our Church.  This class introduces you to our beliefs and background and the areas of ministries @ Lighthouse.

    Pastor's Office @ 10am Sundays                                                                             Leader: Pastor Ritchey

  • New Testament insights

    Want to know your Bible better?  Join this LIFE GROUP studying from the book by Chuck Swindoll.

    Room 109 @ 10am Sundays                                                                                    Leader: Greg Sowel

  • Revelation

    An in-depth study of the book of Revelation to give you a better understanding of the end times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Youth Building Room 2 @ 10am Sundays                                                                      Leader: Pastor Weed

  • Discover your spiritual gifts

    A discipleship group to help you continue and renew your spiritual growth with a main focus on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how you can know and grow in the gifts God has given you.  Find your place in the body of Christ and serve in the best way that God has designed you.

    Prayer Room @ 10am Sundays                                                                      Leaders: Jeff and Maria Watson

  • c l a r i t y

    LIFE  GROUP  for College and Career young adults.  Get to know one another better and gain Clarity for the future God has for you.

    Sanctuary @ 10 am Sundays                                                                                       Leader:  Logan Ritchey

  • Jr. & Sr. High Bible study

    Grow in your faith and in your friendships every Sunday morning!  Several topics will be studied through the year.

    Room Upstairs to the right @ 10 am Sundays                                                                    Leader: Pastor Joe

  • Kids  l i v e !

    Bible stories come to life as the children become part of the story through skits, Human Videos, puppets, music etc.

    Youth Building Room 1 @ 10am Sundays         Leaders: Jacinda Davenport, Logan Ritchey, and Dia Coover

  • Junior  bible  quiz

    Learn and memorize God's Word!  Discovery Team will prepare for 3 quiz matches.  

    Ages 2nd - 5th grade.

    Click on the picture to get more info.

    Room  Upstairs to the left @ 10 am Sundays                                           Leaders: Landon & Lori Ritchey

  • Conquer Series                               for  men  only

    This will change your life and the lives of your descendants!  

    Click on the picture to get more info.

    Fellowship Hall @ 7pm  Wednesdays                                                                Leader: Jaime Santiago

  • intercultural  communication

    Enrich your life by learning to effectively communicate with people of other cultures that God has placed in your sphere of influence.  Lancaster County has many diverse cultures that have come to us.  God has given us an opportunity to reach the lost right here.

    Sactuary @ 7pm  Wednesdays                                                                                   Leader: Hilda Bradney