L I F E  G R O U P S

We were created for


Smaller groups focused on growing in faith and sharing life together is what LIFE GROUPS are all about at Lighthouse. 

We offer Sunday morning groups as well as quarterly Wednesday night groups, you can jump in at anytime

Enjoy meeting new people and experiencing God's presence together. 

  • intercessory  prayer

    Lifting our voices and hearts to the Lord in prayer on behalf of our church.

    Youth Building Room 2 @ 7:45 am Sundays                                            Leader: Pastor Ritchey

  • The Bible    book by book

    An in-depth study of the books of the Bible to give you a better understanding of God's Word from Genesis to Revelation.  

    Youth Building Room 2 @ 10am Sundays                                                   Leader: Pastor Weed

  • Principles  of  perseverance

    "Love that keeps on obeying."  Perseverance of continuous obedience builds Christlike character.

    This study is timely and powerful.  Join in any Sunday and grow in your faith!  

    Room 109 @ 10am Sundays                                                                     Leader: Howard Boots

  • Jr. & Sr. High Bible study

    Grow in your faith and in your friendships every Sunday morning!  Several topics will be studied through the year.

    Room upstairs to the right @ 10 am Sundays                                            Leader: Pastor Joe

  • Kids  l i v e !

    Bible stories come to life as the children become part of the story through skits, Human Videos, puppets, music etc. Getting ready for Kid's Fun Arts!

    Youth Building Room 1 @ 10am Sundays                                                                          Leaders: Jacinda Davenport

                    Logan Ritchey                                                                                                                                  Dia Coover

  • Junior  bible  quiz

    Learn and memorize God's Word!  Discovery Team will prepare for 3 quiz matches.  

    Ages 2nd - 5th grade. Click on the picture to get more info.

    '19 -'20  Season starts in July!

    Faith Force: Leader - Jacinda Davenport                               

    GOD SQUAD: Leader -  Lori Ritchey