Growth Groups

Growth Groups provide the tools and community needed for growth; allowing us to grow in faith together. Continued discipleship is key as we grow in our relationship with God and others. We offer these groups every Sunday morning and Wednesday nights throughout the year.  We enjoy meeting new people, new comers are welcome anytime! Get ready to grow and become an empowered believer!

  • Welcome Class

    Pastor Ritchey will begin a four-week informative class that explains our basic beliefs and the history of the church. The class will start on August 15th at 10am. If you are new to Lighthouse or if you have been coming and have never taken the class, we encourage you to do so. If you would like to be included in the class, please call the church office.

    (717) 354-0056.

  • Fresh Start

    Fresh Start lays the groundwork for the fundamentals needed; for a thriving relationship with God and tools for leading others to be disciples of Christ. This discipleship class led by Andy & Liz Lockman will foster a strong foundation of faith and growth. This class begins May 30th Sunday at 10am.

  • Spiritual Gifts

    Spiritual Gifts class will challenge you to grow and recognize the gifts God has for you and others. We will work and pray with you to find the place God is directing you to serve in. As you take the steps to actively participate in your spiritual gifts and become a part of Lighthouse. Pastor Rodney will lead this class beginning July 18th Sunday at 10am.

  • Kids

    We are currently teaching a new series about living a life that is devoted! Devoted to God, 

    Devoted to His Word, Devoted to His people, Devoted to the gospel! Join us Sunday School hour

    10-11am  in Student Ministries Building Room 1 Preschool & Elementary

  • Youth Bible Study

    The Book of Acts is crammed packed of amazing adventure, miracles, signs and wonders. Ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit did incredible acts! And it is still happening today! The Holy Spirit empowers US to do his work! 

    Every Sunday morning at 10:00am in Room 202,  join our Youth Group,  invite your friends to have a light breakfast and join our current study of the book of Acts. 

  • Break It Down

    Have you ever read scripture and and thought to yourself " What in the world does that mean?" or "That's a great story but how does that relate to my life?" ,you are not alone friend. The Bible is alive and is a great gift from God. It is not just a history book to read but a communication tool, instruction manual, a battle plan and love note,  all from God almighty. We break down the who, what, when, where and why of each book in the Bible in a relaxed, fun, clear, accurate, and approachable way. Everyone is welcome to join in every Wednesday 6:00pm in the fellowship hall. 

  • Revelations

    All about the End Times. We will pick-up where we left off but feel free to join us even if it's your first time. Taught by Pastor Weed in Student Ministries Building Room 2, starts April 25th.

  • Beatitudes? Come on Jesus, Are you serious?!

    Taking what Jesus taught on the sermon mount seriously! Led by Greg Sowel this class is located in Pastor's office and begins April 25th-May 30th.

  • Dominion Over Sickness & Disease

    Landon Ritchey is leading this class on healing, based on Jonathan Shuttlesworth book and scripture. Receive biblical understanding and revelation on walking in divine health and freedom from the bondage of the enemy. Located in the Pastor's Office on Wednesday Nights until April 28th.

Upcoming Growth Groups

This August, Jeannette Scott will lead a women's bible study on the book of Daniel!

We are always adding new groups! Check back frequently to see what is new and what is coming!

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are opportunities for individuals to build accountable and genuine connections. We encourage one another genuinely through fellowship and care. This happens naturally as we spend time together, enjoy life and celebrate similar interests.  Plugging into a connect group opens up new friendships. These interest based groups vary from simply sharing an activity together to diving into a particular subject, allowing anyone to become a part of Lighthouse family . 

  • Focused Fellowship

    Meet comfortably at the table in the homes of Kandice Walsh & Hilda & Bill Bradney as they discuss topics on spiritual growth, relating in today's world, family ties, and being an effective witness. Dates: April 11th & 25th, May 9th & 23rd, June 13th & 27th at 6:30pm. Sign up in the foyer.

  • Classy Lassies

    Join Bonnie Barkman and other widowed woman for a meal at noon every first Saturday of the month at varies locations. Contact for more details.

  • Ladies Tea & Testimony

    The Ladies Tea & Testimony is led by Debra Kramer. Every third Thursday of the month at 7pm different women share their testimonies and enjoy tea, refreshments and conversation. Located in the fellowship hall.

  • Young Adults

    Once a month John & Jacinda Davenport organize a fun outing for young adults ages 17-30. Whether it's laser tag, dinner, coffee or a game night it's always a great time of fellowship! Our next event is Picnic & Hike at St. Pete's For more details email

  • Ladies Connect Group

    This Ladies Group will meet at Liz Lockman's home Saturdays June & July  at 10am. Walk through Lisa Terkeurst book, Forgiving What You Can't Forget. Not only will you make new friends but you will have an opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally.